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Ideal for resellers with the knowledge, skills and resources to manage their own servers.

  • VMware technology

    Our VPS hosting platform is a clustered, auto-failover network, built on IBM Blade servers and is completely managed by VMware. If any issues with the server are detected, VMware instantly replicates the machine elsewhere within the network to prevent downtime.

  • Enterprise grade

    With brand-new blade servers featuring state of the art Xeon CPUs and fast memory, along with IBM nSeries NAS storage systems, ensures faster I/O and eliminates one of today's common bottlenecks in server performance.

  • Linux or Windows

    You have the choice of one of our Linux distributions, which has the option of WHM cPanel, or Windows server environment images which have been optimised for security and performance.

  • Snapshot backups

    We snapshot your VPS daily using VMware. Each snapshot backup includes all the files within your virtual machine, including disks, memory and other devices.

  • Scalable to support growth

    Resources when you need them. Start from 1GB of RAM and as you grow it's easy to scale up to 8GB VPS.

  • SSH enabled

    We provide you with full secure root access to your VPS, giving you the power to install whatever you need to.

Management features

  • VPS support

    Our VPS and network infrastructure is monitored by a team of engineers, located close to our data centre 24x7, 365 days a year. This 24x7 network and hardware monitoring is backed by an industry-leading 99.9% up-time guarantee on all network infrastructure.

  • Admin Panel

    Provision VPS hosting at wholesale prices, manage your VPS and domain names in an easy to use control panel.

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