Connect via API

Easy to implement and reliable, the TPP Wholesale API is offered for wholesale partners as a means to fully automate domain name registrations

With this fully featured API, have absolute control over the client-facing interface, with all the benefits that full automation provides.

Extensive API documentation is readily available, including a comprehensive list of all available functions – providing you with a straightforward and fast implementation!

Custom integration

Easy and custom integration with your website to start selling today.

Code in your discipline

The documentation we provide allows you to code the API in almost any programming language with networking capability. Integrate using a language you’re familiar with.

Support & documentation

Straightforward implementation with extensive API documentation and a dedicated support team on hand to help.

Feedback driven

We encourage our resellers to provide feedback and requests for new API calls. We are always open to new feature-rich solutions.

Multiple extensions

Sell over 1,200 domain name extensions and provide DNS management on our Anycast DNS network.

Easy invoicing

Invoice your customers through your existing payment gateway and accounting systems.