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What makes VMware different?

If your website files are hosted on a single machine they are at higher risk of failure, if one server fails so does your website. To avoid this issue we decided to build our infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy.

Our VMware virtualisation solutions are built on a robust foundation proven in many production environments. With VMware High Availability (HA) hardware or capacity issues are minimised with virtual servers automatically migrated to spare nodes.

  • Automatic detection of server failures

    VMware HA monitors all the physical hardware powering your websites. In the event of a physical server failure affected virtual machines are rebooted on a new server.

  • Resource checking

    To help minimise the downtime of your websites, VMware checks to make sure there is always free physical hardware available to restart the virtual machine powering your website. Learn more about our technology.

  • Superior infrastructure

    Your websites are all nested within our IBM BladeCenter environment, continually growing our fleet of IBM HS22 servers, each with robust specifications such as 192GB RAM, nSeries NAS storage devices and backed by a 24x7 Network Operations Centre and round the clock vendor support agreements.