I have been using TPP Wholesale since 2005. I have always found their support to be first class, which has allowed us to build our business & provide superior service to our customers. Our account manager has always been responsive to our needs & I find it fantastic to have an Australian based account manager who understands our business. I recommend TPP Wholesale to anyone who is working in the domains, hosting, and email business.

Richard Piccinich The HelpDesk® www.thehelpdesk.net.au

When contacting TPP Wholesale support for technical assistance I was surprised at how quickly Ian was able to respond to my question efficiently and with the detail that I required. When a transfer froze and unexpectedly didn't complete, Ian was able to quickly respond and push the request through enabling me to purchase hosting and further organise the rest of my project for my client. Ian's service is commendable and I only hope to be able to seek his assistance in the future when necessary.

Trish Pollock DesignTP

I have recently joined TPP as a reseller after using various other domain services from other companies , as I have been moving domains from several different sources and setting up my own services using the reseller cloud I have been using your support services quite extensively and have been very impressed with your service. Thanks once again for helping me and pass on my thanks to the various members of the support team that have made my life easier.

Nigel Bartholomeusz Mobilem8 mobilem8.com

TPP Wholesale have been awesome to deal with on a friendly and professional manner, no matter how big or small the inquiry or request. Their systems have greatly improved since the DistributeIT take-over 18 months ago and continue to evolve to provide better and faster services to us for many years to come.

Darryl iReckon www.ireckon.com

The support staff at TPP really know their stuff, they are courteous, friendly and efficient. I know that when I do have to call them, it will be a pleasurable experience.

Christopher Barnes Email Connect Pty Ltd emailconnect.com.au

Being an innovative start-up we needed a solution that provided us with performance and total control. We trust TPP Wholesale's virtual environment to power all our internal applications critical to our business, with the key methodology, we want a solution that just works and doesn't need to be supported.

Vince Mascia Puree

As an IT support services business, our partnership with a reliable and approachable domain and web hosting company has been critical for our service provision to our clients. TPP wholesale have been a fantastic partner of Onsite Helper for over 4 years where we have been more than happy to resell their products to our clients. We have never experienced downtime on clients' websites and TPP's Australian help desk are fast and efficient when dealing with our inquiries. Their products and services are of the highest calibre giving my business the competitive edge. If you are looking to resell domain names and hosting I would highly recommend TPP. It is one the best partnerships in which any business can enter.

Adrian Cosman-Jones Onsite Helper onsitehelper.com

Moving across from another wholesale host has never been so easy thanks to the help and support of Net Registry and TPP Wholesale! Our recent experience with a dedicated account manager and their technical services made my job so much easier, I highly recommend their service and performance.

Tim Moore Computer Initiatives P/L cinet.com.au

We have been a reseller with TPP since the very beginning. They have absolutely nailed the domain name reseller space here in Australia and enabled us to offer a feature rich and engaging product line for our very happy customers. The support team is world class, engaging and always goes that one step further to ensure every request is dealt with in a timely and professional manner. I recommend and endorse TPP if you are looking to expand your current I.T services.

Matthew Domain Registration DNS DomainRegistrationDns.com.au