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Ideal solution for resellers needing a Windows or Linux Cloud platform

  • Clustered, high burst hosting

    Our Cloud web hosting easily handles traffic spikes and any server failure by leveraging the power and logic of multiple servers working together to serve your website. Learn more about our Cloud technology.

  • Load balanced

    We pride ourselves on reliable Cloud hosting and invest heavily in infrastructure to ensure our servers aren't overloaded. Requests to your website are distributed across multiple servers, so it's faster and more stable.

  • LiteSpeed technology

    Looking for improved performance? LiteSpeed is up to 5 times faster than other webservers and is perfect for powering CMS and e-commerce websites.

  • Anycast DNS

    Anycast DNS is the first step in increasing your website's performance globally. Your website loads faster and more reliably, as we direct visitors to the closest global location on our network. Learn more about Anycast DNS.

  • One-click installs

    Why waste time downloading and installing applications manually when with one click, our easy to use installer will install WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many more common applications to your website.

  • Webmail

    Your Cloud web hosting accounts all come with @mail where you or your clients can access your email from anywhere on any computer or smartphone. Webmail also comes with an enterprise grade anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing software to help keep your inbox clear of unwanted content.

Management features

  • Admin Panel

    Order, manage, assign and resell Cloud web hosting services to your customers within an easy to use control panel that interacts with our reliable Cloud technology.

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  • Whitelabel

    Gain full control of your business. Ready to use, you can activate the products you want to sell, define your pricing and change the look and feel through HTML/CSS.

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