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  • 3 x diverse 20 MVA feeds feeding from the National Grid
  • Highly efficient DRUPS installation supported by up to 22 no-break Rotary Diesel UPS sets
  • Diverse A+B+R supply, distributed via 11kV rings
  • On-site diesel tanks (6 x 60,000 litres) support at full capacity with 24x7 diesel delivery


  • Security Operations Centre with 24x7 on-site security guards
  • Constant CCTV surveillance
  • All areas are intruder resistant
  • Physical access is strictly limited with a control list and man traps

Cooling and environment

  • Minimum N+1 resilience on chilled water cooling system
  • 6+1 4.5MW water cooled chillers
  • Diverse chilled water distribution pipe work
  • CRAC units within customer areas provided at minimum N+1
  • Temperature and humidity is maintained at industry standards within energy efficient parameters

Fire detection and suppression

  • Multi-aspirated fire detection and warning system
  • Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas
  • Inergen gas suppression system in an N+N arrangement
  • Dry pipe sprinkler system to all data suites to further back up the Inergen gas system