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Perfect solution for resellers wanting more control and a greater ROI.

  • Complete control

    We have built our own custom control panel that is simple and easy to use. Create the plans you want, manage the resources for each customer and save time by providing your customers with access to their web hosting account.

  • Clustered, high burst technology

    Unlike our competitors, our cloud hosting easily handles traffic spikes and server failures by utilising the power and logic of multiple servers working together to serve your website: Learn more about our technology.

  • Easy resource allocation

    Our Cloud Reseller Hosting accounts empower resellers to allocate clients' hosting resources, allowing resellers to increase margins and market competitiveness.

  • Load balance infrastructure

    We invest in infrastructure so that our servers don't become overloaded. All requests are dynamically distributed across our servers to ensure your sites are served faster.

  • Multiple operating systems

    You have the freedom to provide your customers with Windows and/or Linux web hosting plans within a single Cloud Reseller Hosting package, whilst other providers only offer a single platform.

  • WHMCS Integration

    You can now integrate a robust cloud platform into WHMCS. Perfect if you want to provide your customers to a reliable hosting platform without having to move away from your preferred billing platform.

Management features

  • Admin Panel

    Our Cloud Reseller Hosting packages have a unique and easy-to-use interface that is perfect for resellers who want to resell our reliable Cloud technology.

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    More control with WHMCS, making it easy to switch over from an existing provider. Our WHMCS module is feature packed and continually developing.

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